Beach Vacation Etiquette

There is nothing worse than trying to relax on the beach but people around you are too loud or disruptive. It affects your relaxed mood on vacation and it can be a little frustrating. If you’re unfamiliar with the beach, you may not even realize what things are no-nos. Read the list below for some beach vacation etiquette everyone should know to respect fellow beach-goers.

Don’t reserve complimentary beach loungers that you may not need. If the beach is packed and your whole party isn’t present, don’t lay your towels and stuff over chairs you aren’t using.

Feel free to ask a stranger for a group photo! But try not to interrupt if they are in the middle of a conversation, nap or activity. Make sure to offer to take a picture for them as well.

Playing music at the beach is perfectly acceptable, but make sure it’s appropriate for all ages and not blasting. If you can hear it away from your setup, consider turning it down especially if the beach is crowded and there are other groups nearby.

Follow beach rules. This is a very important part of beach vacation etiquette and safety. If you aren’t sure what they are, check the city website beforehand. Most (if not ALL) beaches DO NOT allow glass on the beach for safety reasons. Alcohol policies vary by beach. Dogs are only allowed on designated dog beaches. Camping and bonfires are not permitted on most beaches, unless inside a park that allows camping. Stay off the dunes to help protect wildlife and don’t bother sea turtles or their nests.

DO NOT feed the wildlife. I can’t stress this point enough. Not only is it for YOUR safety, it’s also for the wellbeing of the animals. It can be dangerous to feed animals like sharks or alligators (obviously) but it can also be a nuisance to feed scavengers like squirrels and seagulls. You may think it’s cute or entertaining, but once you throw that first chip, they’ll swarm you. It’s annoying to all other people who are trying to enjoy their food without the pests.

Don’t spray sunscreen or bug spray towards or near others. Also don’t shake your sandy towel up-wind of another group on the beach. You may not even realize how much the sand really flies, so just be aware.

Clean up after yourself. Always follow nature’s golden rule: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footsteps. Always pick up your trash and all belongings before you leave. Don’t take any live animals (including shells) out of their natural habitat.

If you’re staying overnight, be respectful of other guests in the hotel. Be mindful of talking loudly in the hallways, especially with kids. Always remember that there are people above, below and all around you.

If you’re taking a photo in a popular spot or with a landmark, keep it quick. Many people are probably waiting to get the same photo and it’s rude to keep other people waiting for 10 minutes so you can get the perfect shot for insta. If you know you’ll need more time in a specific location, try to go at off-times to avoid the crowds like early in the morning.

Bring your beach games, but keep it close. It’s cool to play football but it’s not cool when the ball hits someone or you accidentally run over someone’s towel. Keep the games small when people start to set up near you.

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