Fort de Soto Park

Fort de Soto Park is on the southern tip of St. Petersburg. The park features beautiful Florida gulf coast beaches, nature trails and remains of a historic fort from the Spanish American War era. Fort De Soto park consists of 1,136 acres made up of five interconnected islands or keys. The history found in the …

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Beach Vacation Etiquette

There is nothing worse than trying to relax on the beach but people around you are too loud or disruptive. It affects your relaxed mood on vacation and it can be a little frustrating. If you’re unfamiliar with the beach, you may not even realize what things are no-nos. Read the list below for some …

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Tarpon Springs Day Trip

Tarpon Springs is a city in north Pinellas County known for its sponge diving industry and Greek population. The city started to boom in the 1890’s when divers from Greece came to harvest the plentiful sponges. To this day, Tarpon Springs still remains one of the most prosperous natural sponge markets in the world and …

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