State Parks

Guide to Camping in Florida State Parks

Florida has an incredibly diverse system of state parks, and its campgrounds are no exception. From forests and forts to beaches and springs, there are some amazing opportunities for camping in Florida State Parks. This guide will focus on tent camping in Florida State Park campsites. Some of these tips may carry over into RV …

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Big Shoals State Park

Big Shoals State Park in North Florida offers visitors a rare opportunity to see rapids and waterfalls in Florida. The shoals at the park are unique geological formations created by the swift flow of water over rocky limestone outcroppings. As the state’s largest whitewater rapids, the shoals are a stunning sight to behold with sparkling …

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Ravine Gardens State Park

Ravine Gardens State Park in Palatka, FL feels like stepping into another state. On the trails you’ll encounter elevation changes, two suspension bridges, stone stairs, roots, observation platforms, and more. But what the park is best-known for is the spectacular azalea bloom each February. Azaleas line the entire ravine, blanketing the trails with pink blossoms. …

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Myakka River State Park

One of the oldest and largest Florida State Parks, Myakka River State Park offers a wide variety of activities and experiences that are sure to be an adventure. Just south of Tampa in Sarasota, this surprisingly wild park is just miles away from some of Florida’s best beaches. Alligators, birds, deer, otter, and more can …

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Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park is a unique Florida state park just outside of Gainesville. The park encompasses over 21,000 acres of Florida wetlands and prairie, miles of hiking trails and a campground. This park has three entrances: the main entrance with the majority of trails and activities, the La Chua Trail & Alachua Sink …

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Best State Parks to Visit in West Central Florida

Florida has such a diverse landscape and our state parks reflect that! From rivers and springs, to beaches and lighthouses, you’ll find a variety of fun state parks in West Central Florida. Many of these parks are located around the Tampa Bay area. If you’re looking for some time in nature and fun outdoor adventures, try out some of these West Central Florida State Parks.

Silver Springs State Park

Silver Springs State Park is one of Florida’s oldest tourist attractions. The park’s world famous Glass Bottom Boats have been delighting guests in central Florida since the 1870s. Silver Springs became a state park in 2013. Prior to that it was a privately owned “nature theme park” that featured zoo-type animal exhibits, entertainment and rides. …

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Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park

Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park is one of North Florida’s many pristine natural springs. The crystal clear, 72-degree fresh water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and paddling. And it’s the newest Florida State Park!